What have you learned?

Project Page ASL Poetry Title Page Spoken Poetry Visual Poetry Parts of a Sign


1.   What are the five features of a sign?
Answer: Handshape,Movement,Location,PalmOrientation,NonmanualFeatures
2. How would you define ASL poetry?
Answer: an artistic form of ASL OR your own answer

3.  How would you describe spoken poetry?

Answer: play on words OR your own answer

4.  Can ASL poetry be interpreted into spoken English?  Why or why not?
Answer: Yes, if interpreter is fluent in ASL and understands the goal of the poet

5.  Name one poet from the lesson and their poem.
Answer: Ella Mae Lentz, To A Hearing Mother

6.  In the clip from Gallaudet, The Film, what information is provided if you are not a native signer?
Answer: artist drawing a tree, trees surrounding the poet, English at the end of the poem, visual of the tree on campus