The History of Sign Language in America

          Clerc           Laurent Clerc, first deaf teacher in 1817            


1600 -                   
 mid 20th century                          
1817                                1830's 1860's                 1870's                                    1880                                                                     

Martha's Vineyard
Most of the island used sign language. Deaf people held prominant positions in their community.
Hartford Connecticut
The first deaf school  in America was established by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc.      
Referred to as the golden ages. Teachers and students  used sign langauge in schools.  Alexander Grahm Bell
speechbegan teaching  to the deaf
. He was a strong supporter of oralism.   
World Conference in Milan, Italy.  Deaf educators decided the best method for teaching deaf children was not the use of sign language.  Sign language was banned from the classroom.


            gallaudet        Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, started the first deaf school in America in 1817



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