Introductions in American Sign Language


When producing signs in
American Sign Language the
meaning may be different than
that of written English.

The order in which you are using
each ASL sign will be different
since ASL is not the same as English


                           MY my    NAMEname               After signing my name, now use
the manual alphabet to spell out
your first name.

When introducing yourself make eye contact
with the person.  This is a very important part of using American Sign Language.                        
While using the signs nice and meet, it is ok to smile.  
Make sure when practicing the ASL signs you are comfortable with the different handshapes and movements.

Any subtle change in either will change the meaning of the sign.

boy1                                              boy2girl1girl2
Just like other languages,
If you do not practice you will not
retain the 
practice information.
In class I use the example
 of playing a sport or a musical instrument.  Most of us cannot sit at the piano and master it the first
time.  You need to practice.

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