What Did You Learn?

  Choose the best answer from the drop down list to respond to the following questions based on ASL literature.

1.  Deaf humor tends to make fun of
2.  When stories have been passed down from generation to generation by the act of storytelling and not written down, this is called 

3.  An ASL story that incorporates all the letters of the manual alphabet from A-Z is called  

4.  The key sign that makes the King Kong joke funny is 

5.  How is ASL literature preserved? 

6.  Stories that have developed in a culture and passed down are called 

7.  ASL is able to express jokes that are a "play on signs."  This is called 

8.  In ASL literature, Deaf characters tend to be the 

Apply Your Knowledge

Watch the following ASL Joke and think about how this joke reflects what you have just learned about Deaf humor.

Timber: ASL Joke

Type what you observed about Deaf culture in the text box below and print out your answer.

More Practice

Meet with your lab group and create an ABC or a Number story in ASL. 
Be prepared to show and explain your story during our next class session.

End of Lesson

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