Understanding General Education

You will be able to write in your own words why a general education is important at this institution

You will be able to understand important new vocablulary

You will be able to orally answer questions related to your understanding of general education

Skim Reading

As we have learned in class, you can quickly read a paragraph to find main ideas.  You should read the section below and answer the question at the bottom.

SUNY Cortland General Education

The purpose of General Education is to provide students with an intellectual and cultural basis for their development as informed individuals in our society. This requires that they understand the ideas that have formed our own civilization, that they appreciate other cultures and that they have knowledge of the fundamental principles that govern the physical universe. All students must complete the Cortland General Education Program requirements by taking one course in each of the categories listed below, with the exception of the natural sciences category in which they must take two courses.

Cortland General Education Learning Outcome Categories:
  1. Quantitative Skills
  2. Natural Sciences (two courses, see Category 13)
  3. Social Science
  4. United States History and Society
  5. Western Civilization
  6. Contrasting Cultures
  7. Humanities
  8. The Arts
  9. Foreign Language
  10. Basic Communication 
  11. Prejudice and Discrimination
  12. Science, Technology, Values and Society
  13. Natural Sciences (second of two courses)
Text Source: http://catalog.cortland.edu/

Why is General Education important at this college?

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