Holiday Memories

Holidays occur around the world.  As you move through this lesson and class, we will discuss some holidays.  First, I want you to think about the holidays you celebrate at home.

What makes them special?  Why do you celebrate them?  Look at the questions below and write some brief answers in the spaces provided.  You do not need complete sentences.  This is a warmup for a later activity.

When done, you should print this page with your answers.  After you have them printed, you should hit the submit button.  They will be sent to me for review.

    Your name:

    1. Name a holiday from your home country?

    2. When is it celebrated?

    3. What does it celebrate?

    4. List some of the things that occur during the holiday?

    5. What do you do to celebrate the holiday?

    6. Is there something about the holiday that you enjoy?

    7. Is there any part of the holiday that you do not enjoy?

Remember to print this page first by using your web browser print button.  You will need your answers for a later activity.

Once printed, you should submit them to me by pressing this submit button:  

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