The Pantheon's exhibit honoring great women

The Pantheon in Paris honors great men in history. With the exception of Marie Curie, women are conspicuous by their absence. This spring, 2002, the pantheon was draped on the OUTSIDE by panels honoring women and women's history. Chiseled into the enormous plinth which extends over the front of the Pantheon it reads:


The exhibit was intended (belatedly) to acknowledge that there have been women whose accomplishments deserve the same respect.

This site is a pictorial tour of the exhibit. The viewer may, by placing the cursor over the individual picture in the exhibit, see a translation of the French, occasionally colloquial, usually strictly translating the text. The translations are mine, and should they be incorrect the fault is mine, though Jo Schaffer has kindly scanned them for me with a view to keeping me from making embarrassing mistakes.

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