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Raymond D. Collings

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Welcome to the Cortland Attention Lab!

Our lab studies attention processes, and the way these processes may shape and be shaped by our experiences. Over the last several years, we have conducted studies examining specific attention deficits related to various subtypes of ADHD, the linkage between phasic alertness (evoked vigilance) and covert visual orienting, the relations between these and other attention processes and social judgments, and the influence of video game playing on such attention processes. Currently, we are exploring ways to “train” specific attention processes  with daily computer activities.

Most of our research is conducted in our dedicated computer lab, using a variety commercially available and custom software programs to examine various aspects of visual attention. We also have collaborated with the Cortland Psychophysiology Lab on several projects. Please see Project List for more information about our past and present research.

If you are interested in working in our lab as an undergraduate research assistant, please contact me at the address listed below.

Raymond D. Collings

Department of Psychology

State University of New York

College at Cortland

P.O. Box 2000

Cortland, NY 13045

Contact Information:

Phone: 607-753-2046


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Raymond D. Collings, Ph.D.

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