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Content Areas

Activity #1

Find your particular content area among the links below.  Go to that section and peruse the articles; select one of interest to you.  Outline this article and prepare a five to ten minute oral presentation on it for your class.  Develop discussion questions to accompany your presentation and then lead the discussion.

English Science
Mathematics Social Studies
Speech Pathology Elementary Education
Health Physical Education

Activity #2

By now you should have a very good idea of the issues, topics, and problems involved in educating ESL/LEP students in general and in your specific subject area.  You are a preservice teacher and are fortunate to be in a program that considers this information vital to your preparation.  The general state of preservice teacher education in this area is not always so sanguine.  Go to the section on Teacher Education and LEP students.  Here you will find several articles that discuss precisely this issue:  the importance of including this information in a teacher preparation program.  Select an article, read it, and then write a one page rebuttal or agreement according to what you have learned and now think on the subject.

Teacher Education and LEP Students

Will the LEP Train Reach Its Destination? Designing an IHE Teacher Training Program for Specific LEP Student Instructional Needs
John E. Steffens

Educational Research and Teacher Training for Successfully Teaching LEP Students
Carl A. Grant

Teachers for Language Minority Students: Evaluating Professional Standards
Eugene Garcia

Evaluating Limited English Proficient Teacher Training and In-Service Programs
Stephanie Dalton and Ellen Moir

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