Present tenses - simple or continuous?

Choose the best form of the verb in these sentences.

Every morning, John (wakes up, is waking up) at eight o'clock. He (takes, is taking) a shower and (eats, is eating) breakfast. He usually (has, is having) coffee and a muffin, but this morning he (drinks, is drinking) tea instead. He (eats, is eating) alone because his roommate, Clara, left early this morning. She (needs, is needing) more time to get to school because it (snows, is snowing) this morning. It (snows, is snowing) a lot in Syracuse in the winter. Clara (likes, is liking) to listen to the news on the radio. This morning she (listens, is listening) to the radio on her MP3 player.

Clara and John (meet, are meeting) for lunch later today. They (work, are working) on a school project together.

Inspired by the work of Barbara Kuczun Nelson