Jean W. LeLoup


  Assistant Professor of Spanish 
  Coordinator of Secondary Education 
  International Communications and Culture Department 
  SUNY College at Cortland 
  Cortland, New York  13045 

   (607) 753-2022


How did I do this?

1.  First, I put a title, using the color and size pull-down menus on the formatting toolbar.

2.  Next, I inserted a table (Insert/Table or use the icon).  I selected 1 row and 2 columns as properties of the table.  I set the left cell at 20% of the window and the right cell at 80% of the window.

3.  I placed the cursor in the left-hand cell and inserted my image (Insert/Image or use the icon), and I selected text alignment in the middle.

4.  Then I placed the cursor in the right-hand cell and began typing my information.

5.  I turned my email address into an active link with a mailto dialog box, as instructed on the previous page.

6.  Finally, I made my picture a link to a sound file.  Click on it and see what happens.  You do this by selecting the image and choosing Insert/Link, then selecting the appropriate sound file you want to play when someone clicks on the image.

Ok, your turn!

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