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Activity #1 - English

Ok, English preservice teachers, you are here. Peruse the articles; select one of interest to you.  Outline this article and prepare a five to ten minute oral presentation on it for your class.  Develop discussion questions to accompany your presentation and then lead the discussion.

Learning English: How School Reform Fosters Language Acquisition And Development For Limited English Proficient Elementary School Students
Beryl Nelson

Crossing Borders: Multicultural Literature in the Classroom
Deborah Dietrich, Kathleen S. Ralph

Report No. 10: Effects of Bilingual Cooperative Integrated Reading And Composition on Students Transitioning From Spanish to English Reading
Margarita Calderón, Rachel Hertz-Lazarowitz, Gary Ivory, Robert E. Slavin

Lessons from Research: What is the length of time it takes Limited English Proficient students to acquire English and success in an all-English classroom?
Gilbert N. García

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