Teacher : Bob Ponterio

School : SUNY Cortland

Lesson Title : Le Sens du Pain

Lesson Topic : Meal taking

Description : Bread has long been the essential food in France and still maintains the central role in French meals. This importance is highlighted by the strong feelings associated with French bread for French people. For example, is is common practice to always set a loaf of bread right-side up. Why? The historical reasons for this behavior help us understand meaningful relationships tied to bread; a behavior that breaks this relationship makes people feel uncomfortable.

Language : French

Skills targeted : Culture

Model : Culture standard

Targeted Standards

1.1 Interpersonal Communication
1.2 Interpretive Communication
2.1 Cultural Practices and perspectives
2.2 Cultural Products and perspectives
4.2 Cultural Comparisons

Class level : Intermediate French, French III

I. Objectives

1.1 Students will hypothesize about meanings of products.
1.2 Students will read accounts of historical explanations.
2.1 / 2.2 Students will learn about the place of bread and about special behaviors associated with bread.
4.2 Students will decide whether bread plays a similar role in their own culture.

II. Materials

French Bread or photos of bread
Texts about "le pain du bourreau"

III. Procedures

See online lesson