FLES Teacher Preparation Workshop
(16 hrs)

Norma Garnett, EdD
U. of Rhode Island
Spring, 2004

I.  Goal: To prepare second-language teachers in effective methods and manners of teaching world cultures/languages specificially directed for the young learner in an academic environment, grades K-8.

II. Objectives:  Participants will be able to...

III. Syllabus:

IV.  Implementation:

Process of course will be a combination of  16 hours of lecture, studies, demonstrations, discussion, analyses,  independent research  reports and observations of FLES classes en situ.

Basic texts will include the following:

  1.           Practical Handbook to Elementary Foreign Language Programs,  Gladys C. Lipton; Blueprints for Learning, Inc., 2004.  4th edition.
  2.           Proposal: Early Language Learning K-8, Rhode Island Foreign Language Association, 1999.
  3.           Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century,   American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 1999.
  4.           Teacher to Teacher: Model Lessons for K-8 Foreign Language, National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL),  National Textbook Co., 1999.

V.  Evaluation:

     Assessment of  student achievement is to be based on a matrix comprised of the following elements: