EDT 334  Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
Spring Semester, 2001.2

Nancy Humbach, Assistant Professor  home:  513/887-2266
301 McGuffey Hall, 529-6320   HumbacNA@MUOHIO.EDU
Office Hours:  T/R 8:30-9:30
W 1-3       Other times by appointment

Required Texts:
 Curtain, Helene A. and Pesola, Carol Ann.  Languages and Children:  Making
  the Match.  Longman, Second Edition.  1993.
 Shrum, Judith L. and Glisan, Eileen.  Teachers’ Handbook:  Contextualized
  Language Instruction.  Heinle and Heinle.  First Edition, 1994.
 National Standards and Ohio Model for Foreign Languages

During this semester, you will learn to teach the productive skills (writing and speaking) and you will prepare clinicals for each of these.  You will also investigate the use of technology in the foreign language classroom, assessment of the skill areas and you will prepared quizzes and tests for your classroom.  Finally, you will learn to assess materials and prepare a materials list for your future classroom.  Your major project will be the preparation of a unit lesson plan, containing all elements of language teaching that you have addresses in both EDT 333 and 334.

Attendance Policy:
Students are expected to attend all classes.  In case of illness or other extenuating circumstances, please notify me.  Advance notice is appreciated whenever possible.  Please remember that this is a professional course.   Your attendance is important to your evaluation, not only in this course, but in your application for student teaching and in your job search.  Bottom line:  Please do not request a signature on your student teaching application if your attendance record is unacceptable.

Because everyone has valid reasons for absence (illness, personal business), please use your two absences wisely.  After two absences, you will find your grade lowered. Please remember that the absences permited are only for emergencies and must not be used for reasons other than those mentioned above or in the student handbook.  After four absences, you will be removed from EDT 334, as well as your other block courses.


Class participation:     10%
Field Experience Logs  20% (2 x 10%)
Clinicals &    15% (3 x 6%)
Written Assignments
Mid-term    15%
Final Project    25%
Final Exam    15%%


1/9  Overview of the course
  The nature of the secondary FL program
  Assignment for next class: National Standards-Communication
  And accompanying scenarios; Chapter 8-Shrum and Glisan;
1/11  Teaching Pronunciation, communication activities
  Productive Skills:  Speaking
  Needs of Upper level students
  Spiraling activities
  Preparation of models in class

1/16  IGA’s, Designing Scenarios to develop oral language
  skills.  Assignment for next class:  Chapter 8,  Shrum and

1/18  Teaching Grammar:  Model lesson
  Foreshadowing grammar with authentic materials,
  Plans, Teaching Grammar
  Turn in Clinical 1-Speaking

1/23  Grammar, continued
  Assignment:  Shrum, Glisan, Chapter 7
   Curtain, Pesola, Pp. 135-145

1/25  Productive Skills Revisited:  Writing
  Discuss final projects

1/30  Productive Skills:  Writing
  Preparing assignments
  Assignment:  Shrum, Glisan-Appendices 15-21
  Writing Assignment 1-Turn in:  Case Study 1-responses, Chapter    9, Shrum

2/1  Scoring Rubrics for writing assignments
  Assignment: Turn in Clinical 2-Writing

2/6  Technology:  TBA
  Assignment:  Curtain, Chapter 14; Shrum/Glisan, Chapter
  Meet in Rm 377

2/8  Discuss field assignments
Technology:  TBA
  Turn in:  Technology Unit (Grade will be included in final project)
  Meet in Rm 377

Field 1-  February 12-26  No Classes

2/22  Monday-Tuesday Exchange Day-No classes

2/27  Discuss Field Experiences
  Turn in:  Field Log 1

3/6  Evaluation and Assessment:
  Assignment:  Shrum, Chapter 11, Curtain, Pesola, Chapter 10,
3/8  Mid-Term Exam

Spring Break  3/9-19

3/19-30     Field 2

4/3  Evaluation and Assessment:
  Writing sample tests and quizzes:
  Discuss Field Experience # 2
  Turn in Field Log 2

4/5  Learning Disabilities, Diversity  and the FL student
  Assignments:  Materials to be handed out and Chapter 10,
  Shrum and Glisan
Turn in:  Sample quiz

4/10  Evaluating Texts and other materials
  Preparing an evaluation sheet
  Final Projects due

4/12  Evaluation of texts, discussion

4/17  TBA

4/19  TBA

4/24  Stocking the FL Classroom
  Assignment:  Curtain, Chapter 13

4/26  Preparing for the first weeks of your class
  Final thoughts

5/3                   Final Exam- 7:30 AM