Milk:  Don't grow up without it!

U.S. culture - milk drinking (product / practice / perspective)

Jean W. LeLoup, SUNY Cortland

Activity 1.  Identifying cultural icons & symbols
A familiar symbol from days past.


Activity 2. A new perspective?
A familiar slogan from present times.

Spreading the wealth:
Advertising one's own product
Cashing in on a good thing
Drinking milk is cool!

Activity 3.  Perspectives in other cultures

Some examples:

1. France

"Milk (lait) is regularly served only with coffee for breakfast and not with any other meal.  Ordering a glass of milk with a meal is not common."

Multiple perspectives:

Dairy selection: cheeses and yogurts 
Photo: Nelly Mitchell
  2. Spain
Milk at bedtime w/galletas María images/Maria.jpg

3.  Mexico

4.  China

Dairy products: 
not considered important nutrition/dairy.jpg & Ponterio Productions, 2005
  5.  Brazil

© Jean W. LeLoup, 2005