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Take a look at the page.  Who do you think made the page?  Why?
Français: eau - terre - air - autre - Artignosc   [local copy]

Español: club alemán andino   [local copy]

You are going on vacation in the mountains with your friends.
What would you like to do there?
Scan your page and make a list of the activities mentioned.

From your list, identify activities that you can do and those that you cannot do where you live.

You are going on vacation with 3 friends.  In your group of 3, decide which of your 3 vacation spots you will select.

You are working for the people who made your WWW page.  They want you to send a letter and a brochure about their vacation spot to people on their mailing list. 

Do a WWW search for a page about a different vacation spot.  Use keywords that you find in the first page to help you locate the new one. 
Compare the two pages. 
Which one is nicer or easier to read? 
Which location offers a better variety of activities?

Activities based on Shrum & Glisan  Interactive Model from Teacher's Handbook (1999, p.162)

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