Charlotte Perkins Gilman Newsletter

Members of the Gilman Society receive the annual Charlotte Perkins Gilman Newsletter each spring.  Past issues are also available online. The newsletter welcomes formal or informal contributions on a variety of topics.  Please help us to produce a newsletter a serves your needs and interests by contributing such items as those listed here or anything you would like to share with Gilman Society members:

  • Short articles and book reviews (500-750 words) on any topic related to Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
  • Recent or forthcoming publications (books, chapters, articles, and editions) and dissertations on Gilman.
  • News items, including member news (new job, award, or honor) and announcements of conferences or fellowships of interest to Gilman scholars.
  • Archival reports, including descriptions of Gilman-related collections and exciting "finds."
  • Calls for papers (conferences, publications, award competitions).
  • Web resources (describe your own Gilman-related website, or notify us of other relevant sites or web resources).
  • Gilman in the classroom (reports or queries about assignments, strategies, syllabi).

Call for Contributions!

Please send contributions to:

Sari Edelstein, Vice-President for Publications
The Charlotte Perkins Gilman Newsletter
MSO23 Brandeis University
P.O. Box 549110
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

*If sending email attachments, please use Rich Text Format (.rtf).