Li Jin profile
   Li Jin
    Assistant Professor, Geology

    PhD Syracuse University
    MS Nanjing University
    BS Nanjing University

    Bowers Hall, RM 1004
    Phone: (607) 753-2188   
    Fax: (607) 753-4973


GLY261 Physical Geology
GLY397 Oceanography
GLY410 Hydrogeology

Research Interests:

My research interests generally lie in hydrogeology and hydrology coupled to aqueous geochemistry to address a wide range of environmental issues. I use chemical analysis of water, field studies and computer simulation to understand how water moves through watersheds and how natural and anthropogenic processes influence water quantity and quality.

Specially my research efforts include 1) using the chemical and isotopic compositions of water and solutes to determine hydrological flowpaths, sources of solutes, water mixing and geochemical reactions; 2) development of integrated modeling approaches to characterize non-point and point source contamination including chloride, nitrogen and phosphorus in watersheds and to address the impacts on water quality from climate change and land use change; 3) understanding spatial and temporal variability of surface water and groundwater exchange and how nutrients and other solutes are processed at this interface; 4) using pore water chemistry in the unsaturated sands to assess groundwater recharge in semi-arid and arid areas.

Current Research Activities:

Applying the Integrated Catchment (INCA) models to the Simcoe Lake catchment in Canada and the River Thames and River Avon in UK to simulate their streamflow and water chemistry (N and P) and to assess the impacts of climate, land use change and effluent discharge change.
Using dissolved major and trace elements and stable isotopes in water to trace out the different sources of streamflow in snowmelt and flooding events in streams in Central New York.

Journal Publications:

Crossman, J., M. N. Futter, P. G. Whitehead, E. Stainsby, H. M. Baulch, L. Jin, S. K. Oni, R. L. Wilby, and P. J. Dillon. 2014. Flow pathways and nutrient transport mechanisms drive hydrochemical sensitivity to climate change across catchments with different geology and topography. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.

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Jin, L.,
P.G. Whitehead, M. Hadjikakou. 2013. A Study of the Yesilirmak River Catchment in Northern Turkey: Spatial Patterns and Temporal Trends in Water Quality. Journal of Environmental Protection 4, 104-120.

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Jin, L., D.I. Siegel, L.K. Lautz, Z. Lu. 2012. Identifying streamflow sources during spring snowmelt using water chemistry and isotopic composition in semi-arid mountain streams. Journal of Hydrology 470–471, 289–301.

Jin, L., Whitehead, P.G., Futter, M.N. and Lu, Z., 2012. Modelling the impacts of climate change on flow and nitrate of the River Thames: Assessing potential adaption strategies. Hydrology Research 43(6), 902-916.

Whitehead, P.G., Jin L.*, Baulch, H.M., Butterfield, D.A., Oni, S.K., Dillon, P.J., Futter, M., Wade, A.J., North, R., O'Connor E.M., Jarvie, H.P., 2011. Modelling Phosphorus Dynamics in Multi-branch River Systems: A Study of the Black River, Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. Science of the Total Environment 412-413: 315-323 (*corresponding author).

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Conference Abstracts:

Gutchess, K.M.*
, C.S. Nowalk, L. Jin, A.M. Whitlock, J.R. June, D.J. Barclay. 2013. Understanding spatial and temporal patterns of water chemistry in Otter Creek, New York. Geological Society of America Northeastern Section - 48th Annual Meeting, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. (* undergraduate student leading author)

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