FRE 329

 Chaînes de radio françaises

Radio France <>

France Inter <>

France Bleu <>

France Info <>

Radio France Internationale (RFI) <>

Skyrock <>

Radio NRJ <>

Chérie FM <>

Virgin Radio <>

Alouette <>

Europe 1 <>

Luxembourg <>


Assignment :
Get to know some of these radio stations. Listen to comments by DJs (when there are any).

Pick a song in French and a song in English (any you wish). Prepare a couple of sentences of introduction for each of your songs to present the song on the radio.

Email your written introductions to me. We will share end edit in class to prepare your final version.. 

Record your introductory material (en français). Bring in your songs (if you can), and we’ll paste all the sound files together to make our radio program.