Richard Hunter   
Assistant Professor             
Geography Department
138 Old Main
SUNY Cortland

PhD, Geography, Louisiana State University
MS, Geography, South Dakota State University
BS, Geography, South Dakota State University

BA, History, South Dakota State University

Curriculum vitae     


GRY 110 Physical Geography
GRY 120 Cultural Geography (Honors)
GRY 370 Will the World Provide? (Honors)
GRY 440 Seminar in Geography
GRY 450 Urban Geography
GRY 482 Geography of Latin American and the Caribbean
GRY 484 Geography of Europe
CAP 100 Introduction to Computer Applications
INT 380 Secularization (Honors)

Research interests

My main research project focuses on illuminating the spatial patterns and environmental consequences of colonial land use change in the Valle del Mezquital in central Mexico’s tropical highlands. I use this period's land grants and other archival documents to map livestock ranches in a GIS. These landscape reconstructions allow us to better understand how introduced livestock and agricultural terrace abandonment may have contributed to the region’s severe environmental degradation. A related goal of this research agenda is to find the linkages between historical land use changes and late-Holocene carbon pool fluxes and climate change.


Peer-reviewed articles

2018. V. Raufirad, Q. Heidari, R. Hunter, and J. Ghorbani. Relationship between socioeconomic vulnerability and ecological sustainability: The case of Aran-V-Bidgol's rangelands, Iran. Ecological Indicators 85: 613-623.

2017. S.M. Farimani, V. Raufirad, R. Hunter, and P. Lebailly. Coping strategies during drought: The case of rangeland users in southwest Iran. Rangelands 35: 133-142.

2017. V. Raufirad, R. Hunter, R. Khalili, and S. Bagheri. Drivers of local people's participation in sustainable natural resource management: A case study in central Iran. Local Environment 23: 880-893.

2016. Grammatical subjects, 'Hell is other people', and irreprehensible nature. cultural geographies 23: 735-738.

2015. with Andrew Sluyter. Sixteenth-century soil carbon sequestration rates based on Mexican land-grant documents. The Holocene 25: 880-885.

2014. Land use change in New Spain: A three-dimensional historical GIS analysis. The Professional Geographer 66: 260-273.

2011. with Andrew Sluyter. How incipient colonies create territory: The textual surveys of New Spain, 1520s-1620s. Journal of Historical Geography 37: 288-299.

2010. Methodologies for reconstructing a pastoral landscape: Land grants in sixteenth-century New Spain. Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History 43: 1-13.

2009. Positionality, perception, and possibility in Mexico's Valle del Mezquital. Journal of Latin American Geography 8: 49-69.

Annotated bibliographies

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Book reviews

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Encyclopedia entries

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