Story telling

a. Listening to the story (the full Text of the story)

b. While listening:

(1). Fill out the story map.

Jack and Beanstalk

events & complication







(2). Reorder the sequence of the story.

  1. Jack took some jewels that he found in front of the giant.
  2. Jack's mother was very angry and threw the beans out of the window.
  3. The next day, there was huge beanstalk in their garden.
  4. Jack's mother asked him to sell the cow at the market.
  5. Jack started to climb down the beanstalk and used his axe to chop into it above his head.
  6. Jack met an old man on his way to the market and exchanged his cow for some beans with him.
  7. Jack saw a giant sleeping on the ground after he climbed up to the top of the beanstalk.
  8. The giant saw Jack, chased after him and was about to grab him.
  9. Jack climbed safely down the beanstalk carrying enough jewels to look after his mother and himself for the rest of his life.
  10. The beanstalk crashed down out of the sky carrying the giant with it and he fell to earth.

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