Skaneateles High School Class of 1925

The Graduates of 1925
(This list was transcribed from pages 71-72 of the 1933-34 Skaneateles High School Catalog.)

Ethel L. Bishop
Frieda Bowker
Thelma Bradshaw
Edna M. Caines
Garrett H. Clark
Stuart Cleaveland
Louise E. Cottle
Joseph Curtin
Hazel Fritts
Horace J. Grover
Walter G. Hardacre
Marion R. Hares
Charles F. Heywood
Willard Hooper
George Robert Isgar
Valerie Jencks
Genevieve Newman
Anna Owens
Robert Russell
Thomas D. Ryan
Edward Shepard
Marion Sheppard
Gladys E. Small
Carlton A. Smith
William Stinson
John W. Teal
Lillian Thomas
Waller Thorne
Hazel Wall
Violet Weeks
Ethel Wood
Kenneth Jennings Wooster
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Cortland, New York 13045-3302
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