Skaneateles High School Class of 1926

The Graduates of 1926
(This list was transcribed from pages 72-73 of the 1933-34 Skaneateles High School Catalog.)

Edith Burleton
John Burns
Leonard Caines
Thomas G. Clarkson
Ivan Donald
Frederick Duckett
Lillian Duckett
Mary E. Evans
Mildred Felber
William J. Fibben
Frances Gallagher
Sidney Gilbert
Genevieve Horsington
Arlene Lader
Alliene Millier
Judith Odell
Mabel Ostrander
Lucybelle Pardee
Marian L. Smith
Osgood Smith
Helen Stott
Gertrude Thompson
Catherine Thorne
Virginia Tucker
Hilda Wall
Doris Weeks
Kenneth Jennings Wooster
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