Onondaga County Civil War Units
149th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Reg. - Co. D
Recruited principally in Syracuse

This is a roster of Company D, copied from page 409 of Clayton's History of Onondaga County, 1878. It should be noted that this roster was probably taken from the initial muster rolls from 1862. That a person's name is missing from this list does not necessarily mean he was not in the unit. A more complete compilation can be found in pages 375–538 of New York (State) Adjutant-General's Office Annual Report for the Year 1905. No. 39. Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon, 1905.

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Captain: Forman Wilkinson
1st Lieutenant: Park Wheeler
2nd Lieutenant: William W. Moseley
1st Sergeant: Abram H. Spore
Sergeants: James A. Scott, John F. Wheeler, John Kitter, Marcus N. Gridley
Corporals: William C. Lilly, James H. Winnie, James H. Burr, Henry L. Purdy, John J. Walter, William S. Rawson, Lott Phillips, Roswell Young
Musician: Thomas W. Hunt

Privates: Aaron Abbey, Henry A. Aldridge, William Anderson, Geo. W. Arnold, Grego Baker, Daniel Becker, Frank Blair, Willard Brooks, James Burke, Albert Carpenter, Avando Carver, Thomas Casson, Christopher Cone, Michael Conlan, Henry Crouse, Alonzo Crusback, Joseph A. Davis, Amos Day, Albert Dolittle, Stephen Duell, Loren Eaton, Hanford Everett, Augustus Fall, John W. Falvey, Freeman Farrer, Barney Fister, William P. Foreman, Robert Gibson, Paul Goodrider, John Gouse, George B. Greene, Thomas Gulliver, Benjamin Haight, Calvin Haight, Benjamin Haight, David Harrown, Alvin Haynes, David Haynes, John Henhofer, John Hixon, John Hogeboom, Michael Hoolahan, William F. Hubbard, William Hunter, Duane S. Hurd, Jonas Jarvis, Peter Jennings, Albert Jones, Jos. Kelley, Walter Lawrence, Edward C. Lewis, George G. Lloyd, Sylvester Leroy, Ferdinand Lerush, George Martel, Eli S. McAllister, Faustin Nasler, Louis Nelty, William Newman, John Nolan, Philo S. Nottingham, J.H. Patterson, Joseph Perkins, George S. Rice, After Root, Richard Sevenoaks, Jacob Sheeley, Peter Snell, Heth K. Smith, Wellar S. Sperry, William VanSlyke, Robert H. VanValen, Thomas VanValen, George Whaley, Peter Wire.

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