Onondaga County Civil War Units
149th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Reg. - Co. E
Recruited principally in Syracuse,
Pompey, Onondaga, and Geddes

This is a roster of Company E, copied from page 409 of Clayton's History of Onondaga County, 1878. It should be noted that this roster was probably taken from the initial muster rolls from 1862. That a person's name is missing from this list does not necessarily mean he was not in the unit. A more complete compilation can be found in pages 375–538 of New York (State) Adjutant-General's Office Annual Report for the Year 1905. No. 39. Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon, 1905.

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Captain: Ira B. Seymour
1st Lieutenant: Orson Coville
2nd Lieutenant: Edward F. Hopkins
1st Sergeant: Alexander McKinstry, Jr.
Sergeants: Daniel E. Hayden, Norman F. Potter, Edward C. Gray, John H. Brown
Corporals: Charles J. Jeffreys, Edward C. Fay, Edsin Fay, Oliver Ormsby, Oscar J. Bailey, Edward N. Morrison, John R. Pallock, John S. Knapp
Musicians: Sylvester Yoran, William Aiken
Wagoner: Westley Wright

Privates: Henry C. Allen, George P. Burch, Miner D. Bayley, John C. Berry, Patrick Boland, Alonzo Cronk, Hiram Coates, William H, Champlain, Jacob Derrick, Florence Donahue, George W. DeLong, Patrick Day, James B. Eustis, Merrick D. Frost, Milton C. Frost, James P. Frost, James Furlong, Adelbert F. Gates, Willis C. Griffin, John Geary, Henry Graham, James F. Gates, Peter Goodrich, James Gowdy, Westley J. Hodges, John M. Heath, Augustus R. Holms, Miles Hemgrin, Moses Hills, David Hollenbeck, Lester E. Hotchkiss, Richard Heath, Franklin B. Holbrook, Archibald Hamilton, James Hines, John Hart, Henry Hays, Nathaniel Jones, William Jones, John Keenan, Ren. Kenyon, Seymour Knickerbocker, John M. Losey, Alexander Lashnay, Charles Mitchell, Wm. H. Mercer, James A. Morrison [letters], Alonzo Millen, James Mehen, Lorenzo Nichols, Herrick Nichols, Wm. D. Orr, James Powderly, Peter Parslow, Clark Phelps, Lizadore Parison, Nicholas Palmer, George W. Pierce, John Quin, George W. Phillips, Joel Rogers, William F. Smith, Edwin R. Smith, Jr., John Smith, Jr., Lanson Smith, Mortimer Stevens, Alonzo Spaulding. J [sic] Andrew Strong, Moses Tappin, William Tisdale, George W. Way, Roseter O. Wright, George R. Warner, Henry H. Widger, Daniel Hays.

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