Onondaga County Civil War Units
149th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Reg. - Co. I
Recruited principally in Syracuse,
Otisco, and Fabius

This is a roster of Company I, copied from page 409 of Clayton's History of Onondaga County, 1878. It should be noted that this roster was probably taken from the initial muster rolls from 1862. That a person's name is missing from this list does not necessarily mean he was not in the unit. A more complete compilation can be found in pages 375–538 of New York (State) Adjutant-General's Office Annual Report for the Year 1905. No. 39. Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon, 1905.

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Captain: David J. Lindsay
1st Lieutenant: George K. Collins
2nd Lieutenant: John T. Bon
1st Sergeant: Mortimer B. Birdseye
Sergeants: George W. Chase, William Bridgford, George J. Lager (Although Clayton says "Lager," the correct name is Sager.), George H. Deitz
Corporals: Samuel B. Ward, Elisha B. George, James Gordon, John Waugh, Thomas Chase, Elias Houghkirk, William McClure, James J. Burrill
Musicians: Chester W. Colton, George H. Quinn
Wagoner: James R. Noble

Privates: Harrison Auringer, Rufus J. Beckwith, John E. Bell, James V. Butts, George Bean, Thomas Cannon, John T. Carmichael, Ebenezer B. Cogswell, Henry W. Crawford, Oscar Derrick, James S. Everingham, Peter Evans, John Bustin, Edgar A. Eddy, John W. Fox, Robert Goodfellow, Nelson Gilbert, Robert H. Glassie, John Greer, Francis Hamlin, John W. Hoyt, Asa Houghtaling, Samuel B. Harrison, Amos Howard, George Haight, James N. Huson, John Howard, Samuel Ingersoll, Thomas Juson, James W. Kelsey, James Kennedy, Thomas Kittains, John Kampf Kerne, John McGraw, Benjamin Mallett, Harrison Miles, Michael McEvoy, James Mills, Michael Murray, Mathew McBride, John McAlister, Wm. Moon, Perry Norton, Jerome Patterson, George W. Phillips, David Patterson, Abram L. Phillips, Warren Patterson, Jacob Pollock, Cavilian Petty, Abner Quimby, Daniel Rose, Michael Rohan, William Sharp, Wm. Sandford, Thomas Shanesey, Joseph Turner, John Taylor, Edward Wells, Charles F. Woodford, David G. Wheeler, Albert Wilcox.

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