A Letter from Charles J. Jeffery,
Co E, 149th NYVI
to his sister, October 1862

The following transcript of Charles J. Jeffery's letter was sent to me Wednesday, 27 June 2001, by Ian Pascoe of Bristol, England.

Camp in Pleasant Valley
near Sandy Hook Oct 1862
My Dear Sister
      When I mailed Sarah's letter the 149th was under marching orders we kept our things packed till dress parade when the order came for us to unpack or the order was countermanded and we should not move till further notice. So unpack we did and this morning we had our usual Sunday morning inspection and now at noon we lie around in our tents rolled up in our blankets to keep warm as we are now having a regular full rain and I assure you it is very disagreeable indeed to be cooped up in such a little hovel for shelter as these tents are. But we may have it worse before we get better for one of the boys said a few minutes ago that marching orders had again been received. How much truth there is in the report I don't know I hope not one word for it would be tough to say the least to be obliged to start out in such a storm as this. But if we have to go and that is all we poor soldiers can do about it. Mother wrote about Ed Perry being in the Binghamton Regt. Now there is a Binghamton Regt (the 137th) in our brigade & they are about 1/4 mile from us and I am going over there the first chance I can get and see if Ed is there I wish you would find out his Regt & Co and let me know so if he is not in this one I can find him in some other. We are close by Maryland Hights and so the 137th must be Ed's Regt ill find out as soon as I can if so Ed and I will have a good visit if nothing more. Fran I wish I could see the 157th (Ike's Regt) I saw them the day they arrived in Washington just as they were starting for Camp Chase or Arlington Hights V.A and shook hands with lots of Homer boys and since then I have not seen anything of them I would like to see the Homer boys I believe that I could make out one days visit at least AH! AH!. How it does rain now wouldent we curse if we have to march now but it may be our fortune to start out in such a rain as this. Other Regt's have done it and we stand the same chance. I am feeling a great deal better today than for several days past and hope I shall continue to feel better for some time to come. Give my best respects to all & write soon and remember me as your affectionate brother.
Charles J Jeffery
Co E 149th N.Y. Vols
You and Sarah must write me at least once a week certain tell Ed to write too.



In the same email message, Ian Pascoe included the following:

Information so far found out about Charlie is as follows.
Born In Homer, New York in 1843 he stood five feet ten inches tall had a light complexion, blue eyes and fair hair and was a Carpenter by trade. Originally enlisted in Co. G 76th N.Y. he was discharged on the grounds of ill health in May 1862. On the First of September 1862 he reenlisted at Syracuse and on the Eighteenth found himself mustered into Co E of the 149th, ill health again dealt a hand and on the Ninth of December he was diagnosed as having a diseased kidney and spent the rest of the war in hospitals at Harpers Ferry and Washington.
The Ed Perry he refers to in his letter was indeed in the 137th N.Y. and deserted on December twelfth 1862.

See also Ian Pascoe's entry in the guest book dated Saturday, May 26, 2001.

At the Onondaga County Public Library in Syracuse, New York, on June 30, 2001, I copied out the following three relevant entries from the AGO reports:

Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York for the Year 1901," Serial #29; James B. Lyon, State Printer, Albany, N.Y.; 1902. Page 293: 76th Infantry
JEFFERY, CHARLES J.—Age 18 years. Enlisted, September 20, 1861, at Cortland, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. G, October 5, 1861; discharged for disability, May 21, 1862, at Washington, D.C.; subsequent service in Co. E, One Hundred and Forty-ninth Infantry.
Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York for the Year 1904," Serial #39; Brandon Printing Company, State Printer, Albany, N.Y.; 1905. Page 451: 149th Infantry
JEFFERY, CHARLES J.—Age, 19 years. Enlisted, September 1, 1862, at Syracuse, to serve three years; mustered in as corporal, Co. E, September 18, 1862; absent, in hospital, Harper's ferry, Va., since December 10, 1862, and at muster-out of company; prior service in Co. G, Seventy-sixth Infantry.
Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York for the Year 1903," Serial #37; Oliver A. Quayle, State Legislative Printer, Albany, N.Y.; 1904. Page 974: 137th Infantry
PERRY, EDWARD M.—Age, 24 years. Enlisted, August 13, 1862, at Owego, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. C, August 29, 1862; deserted, December 9, 1862, at Camp Bolivar Heights, Va.

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