A Letter from Captain A. H. Barber to William H. Bunnell, April 19, 1865

Captain Albern H. Barber was the commanding officer of Company G. Following the death of Charles A. Bunnell on March 29, 1865, he wrote the following letter to William H. Bunnell of Marathon, New York.

Camp of the 185th
Wm Bunnell              Apr 19
      Dear Friend-
            Will you please forward
The enclosed letter to your brothers
wife.   I would have written before
this but this is the first day since
his death that I have been able
to get a chance to write with pen
and ink   Your brother was a
splendid soldier.    He did his whole
duty whether in camp or field and
when he fell a brave man died.

Yours Truly
A.H. Barber
Capt Co G 185th NYV



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Charles E. Bunnell, the contributor of this letter, reports that he does not know the whereabouts of the letter which had been enclosed. He assumes that it was a letter from the Captain to the widow.

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