Colonel Gustavus Sniper

December 8, 2001, Peter Evans, a "Johnny Reb" from the UK (He is a re-enactor with the 55th Virginia Infantry.) sent me two jpg scans of the papers of Gustavus Sniper for his mustering in as Colonel of the 185th. Thank you, Peter.

The images and files are large, but I have chosen to present them full size rather than risk losing quality and detail in an effort to reduce them in order to splice the two halves together.

An update on the ownership of Colonel Sniper's papers

On April 15, 2001 I received an email from Thomas Boyle,, advising me that he now owns Colonel Sniper's muster-in papers. In his message he said:
. . . [M]y name is Tom Boyle from Charlotte N.C. originally from Syracuse. . . . Just wanted to inform you that I am now the owner of Col. Sniper's paper. I traded for it from Pete Evans in England this past week. Was very happy to acquire it as I am an avid collector of 185th, 122nd, and 149th items.
     Just wanted to let you know in case you wished to update the site with me as the new owner. That way if anyone were to contact Pete about the papers he can forward any letters to me. I love to share and learn new information about the unit.

For those of you interested in comparing documents and justifying apparent inconsistencies of dates I am including here also the brief summary of his service as it appears on page 4066, volume V, of Phisterer's New York in the War of the Rebellion.

SNIPER, GUSTAVUS, late Lieutentant-Colonel, 101st Infantry; mustered in as Lieutenant-Colonel, this regiment [185th], September 23, 1864; promoted Colonel, February 3, 1865; mustered in as such, March 10, 1865; mustered out with regiment, May 30, 1865, near Washington, D.C.; Brigadier-General, U.S. Volunteers, by brevet, from March 13, 1865; commissioned Lieutenant-Colonel, November 29, 1864, with rank from September 17, 1864, original; Colonel, February 14, 1865, with rank from February 3, 1865, vice E. S. Jenney, discharged.

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