October 15, 1862

Staten Island Oct 15th

Dear father i have been so
busy that i aint had time to write
we are on staten island we stayed
in albany two or three days i saw
ike teller and stayed with him
we went down to new york on a
steamer we stayed in new york
a few days i saw a goo many
things in new york i went up
to central park Sunday i rode up
in a street car 5 miles from where
we are we drawed our suit yesterday
we have got pretty good ones 5 of
us sent our clothes home in a box
directed to you Mat Lake Peek Howser
Colwell Nels Terhune and mine
Staten island is a pretty place and
there is some fine buildings here
we recieved fifty dollars at albany
and got a check we expect $29
evry day we are waiting for
dick smith so as to send it by him
if he hasent gone tell him to be
sure to come over i wont give you
any directions now for we wont stay
here a grate while we are a going
to leave here we may go down the
island farther and we may go back
to the city a gain i am well and
feel first rate and i hope you
are the same the next time i
write i twill tell you where to
write so good by

Your Affectionate
Oren Wooster

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