September 27, 1863

Camp Palmer Sept 27th

Dear Mother

I recieved your letter of the
16th and also one dated the 12th
I got the last one first and I
also got four papers things go on
about the same here only we
have got a new adition to our
regiment there was two more
companys came last night one
co is most all old 24th men
and are drilling evry day the have they
are practicing throwing shot and
shell the boys have got so that
they can handle them pretty
handy I should not wonder
if there was some trouble yet
about A and B companys there
was a staff oficer up here
enquireing all about how we
enlisted and so forth they
say that them lawyers are
in new bern now they have
no more right to hold us in
this regiment than they had
a cittezin time will tell they
get us into awaive after all
we wont get our pay in two or
three days they pass over this
pay day I guess you had better
send me about five dollars
for I am getting pretty low
So good by for this time I hope
this will find Ella well and
all the rest of you from
your affectionate son

Oren Wooster
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