November 26, 1863

Rocky Run Nov 26th

Dear Mother

I recieved your letter of the
13th and was glad to hear that
you were all well things
are about the same here
as usual night before last
there was two of Co. D
men deserted their posts
and went into the rebs
lines they will pass fare
according to the reports
that the rebs bring into
us there is some comes
in every little while
there would more of them
if they could but
there is gurillas stationed
on the outside of the
rebel pickets and if they
catch any deserters they
are shot right off there
is negroes coming in
every day or to There will
be plenty of them in
new berne pretty soon
there is more negroes
than white people soldiers
and all there aint much
of any thing to write the
boys are all well
and so am I and I
hope this will find you
the same from your affectionate

Oren Wooster
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