April 30, 1864

Newbern April 30th, 1864

Dear Mother

I now sit down to write
you a few lines to let
you know that I am
well on the 27th there
was a large force of
rebs came in sight on
the Jamestown to Plymouth
roads our pickets all came
in and our forts commenced
shelling them and kept
at it all day the rebs
all the time building rifle
pits and breast works we
kept shelling them all
night in the morning
they had got some of
theire siege guns
mounted but did not
fire any of them about
10 o'c we were ordered
to pack up all (corner of page missing)
[page break]
could carry on our saddles
& be ready for a march we
started about 2 o'c for Newbern
all the cav & 23 NY battery
all the horses waggins
& all they could carry
when we started (undecipherable)
we would be cut off before
we got to newberne it is
about forty miles by land
we got to a swift creek
without any trouble there
we found the bridge torn
up we had to build one
we had boards with us
it took us about 2 hours
after we had got across
the bridge we were
fired into by a small
force but none hurt
the battery threw a
few shells into them
& we did not hear any
more from them the
[page break]
rest of the way we had
no trouble we got into
fort andrews about 4
o'c last night and came
over to town on ferry boats
the most of our property
was thrown into the
river the infantry will
probably stay there until
the rebs charge into the
town there is four or 5
steamers there to bring
them away for they will
probably evacuate the town
there is four gun boats
there they will probably
burn the town before
they leave it Gen. Zucher(?)
is there with 40000 men
we are now in (undecipherable) infantry
quarters we don't know
where they are going to
keep us they may keep us
in town
[page break]
I saw howser last knight
he is well Peek has not
got back yet things are
pretty lively here now
we have been gone from
here 4 months yesterday
I shant think it any
thing strange if we evacuate
this place there is some
mail here for me but
I cant get it yet I am
well as usual & hope
this will find you all
the same from your
affectionate son

Oren Wooster

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