June 12, 1864

New Berne June 12th 1864

Dear Father

I now sit down to write you a few lines
to let you know that I am well I have got a new berth
I am acting orderly for Dr Moring medical purveyor
it is the best place in town I have a good place
to board with a widdow woman there is six or eight
clerks in the store they draw their rations and
pay $1.00 a week we have every thing that we can
ask for I would hardly change it for a lieutenants
bars I have a good room and bed and all other
accomidations I have got my horse with me I dont
have much to do I only came down yesterday
I have not quite got the hang of things yet
I saw jim yesterday he is well and hauser
also I have got a good place and will probably
will have it the rest of my time if I behave
myself and I gues I can do it about as well as
any of them the store furnishes every thing for
the hospitals and doctors they keep most every thing
here I can have all the good reading that I want
and the first news if you can send me five
dollars I wish you will I went to get a cap
and some collars and such things and I dont
like to ask the doctor for any thing so soon
we will be payed off next month we always
get our pay regular here I am detached from
the company altogether I am well and hope
this will find you the same from
your affectionate son
Oren Wooster
Direct to newberne
Medical Purveyors Offices

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