Recruiting Poster of 12th NY Cavalry

The image of the recruiting poster on this page was sent to me in November 1999 by Tonia Hannemann of Cocoa Beach, Florida, who is a great-granddaughter of John O'Connor of Company H. In her turn, she had received it from Nancy Monahan of Rochester, NY, another great-granddaughter of John O'Connor.

I have placed the poster in a leading position in the list of files on the main page even though it is clear that the poster does not date to the original recruitment of the regiment in the summer of 1862. The fact that it says "now in the field at Newbern, N.C." means that it can be no earlier than the early summer of 1863. Since it came from descendants of John O'Connor, who enlisted August 4, 1863, it seems reasonable to think that that the summer of 1863 is probably the correct dating for it.

Isn't it great? If anyone else has such a treasure, please send it in!

recruiting poster

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