Level 1: Preconventional

Punishment-Obedience orientation

  1. A fourth grade girl refrains from running in the hallway to avoid theconsequences involved in breaking that school's rule.
  2. "Discussion rules" are placed on the blackboard in a combined 1stand 2nd grade classroom, and whenever a student breaks one of those rules, he orshe cannot participate in the classroom discussion
  1. When a middle school student swears in the classroom, he or she has tocomplete a list of consequences developed by the teacher earlier in the year
  2. One middle school teacher devised the most effective strategy for gettingstudents to class on time. He has latecomers do pushups--50 of them--in frontof the class
  3. A high school English student is sent down to the office for forgetting herhomework the third day in a row.

What about the second levelof this stage of Moral Development?