Block Scheduling / I. Further Reference Sources

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Introduction, an example, and contributors


A. Rationale for the Block Scheduling System
B. Variations of “Block” systems
C. Methods Useful for Block Instruction
D. Thoughts, Opinions, Concerns
E. Positive Personal Experiences
F. Negative Personal Experiences
G. Positive & Negative Observations
H. Block as Concerns FL Specifically
I. Further Reference Sources

I. Further Reference Sources

94/12 From-> "Frank B. \"Pete\" Brooks" <>
Subject: Re: 80 minute classes

On the one hand people are talking about having to meet certain
requirements or cover certain items on a syllabus to "meet certain
standards." On the other hand, are there data to indicate whether or
not students who are in this kind of course arrangement (i.e., 80m
minute periods, block scheduling, and so on) meet the same kind of
outcome assessments? In other words, do students in the 80 minute block
schedules do any better, worse, or otherwise than students who are in
traditional time schedules?

Frank B. "Pete" Brooks


95/01 From-> Frank Moore <>
Subject: Researching Block Scheduling

Fellow netters: I have been reading with much interest the queries on
block scheduling and the L2 classroom. (We are fast moving in this
direction in Virginia--and many university colleagues are being asked to
help with in-service training in this area). Do you all know about using
the ERIC data base via telnet? If you have internet capability (e-mail)
you most likely can also use telnet to search the ERIC data base at the
Auburn University Libraries. I did a quick search from 1988-present and
found at least 38 entries on block scheduling, many dealing with the L2
classroom. If you are interested in using ERIC, here are the
instructions. If you already have these instructions, please forgive the

Auburn University Libraries offers the complete ERIC database from 1966
to the present. Searchable fields include title, author, subject
heading, and keyword. It requires TN3270 (a version of telnet).

1. Address at telnet prompt:


2. At the opening screen tab to APPLICATION, and enter 01

3. At the main menu type ERIC (in caps)

4. Follow screen instructions to search

5. To end a session type STO (STOP for short)

The keyword search field allows use of Boolean operators, truncation,
nesting, and other special search features. Type EXP K for a complete

If I remember correctly, I found about 38 entries for Block scheduling,
but nothing under 4 X 4 (Block) scheduling.

If you get into the database and it requests either a login or password,
it might not work from your PC/system. I have never had this happen but
a couple of colleagues have run into this problem. Good luck and happy
cruising ERIC ! :)

 Frank Moore


95/11 From-> Stan Oberg <>
Subject: Re: Block Scheduling

To anyone interested in block scheduling:
Wasson H. S. in Colorado Springs, CO, has been on block for more than 4
years. They are very enthusiastic about it (even the FL teachers) For
more information, see their home page on the WWW:

Stan Oberg


95/12 From-> Frank Moore <>
Subject: Re: Block Scheduling and Texts

You might wish to consult a book that is just out: "Block Scheduling: A
Catalyst for Change in High Schools" by Robert Lynn Canady and Michael
D. Rettig (Princeton, NY: Eye on Education) 1995 ISBN 1-883001-14-5. As
a trainer of teachers my real concern with block scheduling is
articulation between levels. In Virginia, Chesterfield County Public
Schools Board of Ed. has just decided after almost 3 years
experimentation, to go to a 7 period alternating days block schedule
(after much parental pressure) and not the 4X4. Is there anyone from
Chesterfield on FLTeach? If not, e-mail me and I will give you the name
of the Foreign language Supervisor for the county

Frank Moore


96/06 From-> Bernadette Morris <>
Subject: WWW Resources for Block Scheduling? -Reply

In North Carolina, we have just completed an extensive document titled
Foreign Language on the Block. It is specifically designed for foreign
language teachers going to a block schedule and addresses the following
topics: advantages and disadvantages for language instruction,
articulation and scheduling, methodology and instructional strategies,
program evaluation and student assessment. An extensive appendix
includes sample schedules, sample lessons, sample units, sample
curriculum guides, software resources, etc. all geared to the foreign
language teachers.



96/06 From-> Lynn Nuthals <>
Subject: Re: WWW Resources for Block Scheduling?


then hit link for educators I have placed a block scheduling gopher
there which will link you to many block sites

Lynn Nuthals


96/07 From-> Bernadette Morris <>
Subject: Re: WWW Resources for Block Scheduling? -Reply -Reply

As promised in a June posting, following is the ordering information for
Foreign Language on the Block, the 100 page document published by the NC
Department of Public Instruction.

Title: Foreign Language on the Block
Item: CM 122
Cost: $ 10.00 (plus 6% NC sales tax)
Shipping and Handling: $4.00 or 20% of subtotal (before NC sales tax)
whichever is greater.

Payments from individuals and out-of-state orders must accompany the
order. Make checks payable to NCDPI and mail to the following address:

Department of Public Instruction
Publication Sales, Room B75
Raleigh, NC 27601-2825

I hope this document will prove useful to those already implementing
block scheduling and to those considering this scheduling option.



96/09 From-> Paul Conley <>
Subject: Re: block schedules

There's some helpful info and clinical data on Block Scheduling at the
URL noted below:

Paul Conley


96/09 From->Ines Lormand/HHP/International Thomson Publishing <>
Subject: Re: block schedules

I have done some extensive research on BS in sereral states and the
overall impression is that, yes it takes some getting used to, but it
works better, and the students and teachers are happier. The problems
mainly arise from teachers that do not adjust their teaching to a 90
minute block. It takes some rethinking, and adjustments using things as
M.Hunter's lesson cycle, McCarthy's 4MAT training and generally getting
more in tune with your students. It also forces most teachers to let go
of some of the "control" in the classroom. It is a better approach to
teach student centered. I have more info, if you are interested. Ines or above address.


96/10 From-> Kathleen Bulger <>
Subject: Re: block scheduling

A couple of sites of interest. . . .

Kathleen Bulger


96/12 From-> "Elizabeth M. Walsh" <>
Subject: Block scheduling

If you are looking for information about how our 7-9 Junior High chose
our block schedule, rationale, timing, inservice workshops, etc. Check
out our Home Page at

Then scroll down to PAWS - It will give you info about the process,
letters, visitations, other delivery methods, parent, student and
community feedback. We love our new 4 period day and will never go back.
Elise Walsh

Elizabeth M. Walsh

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