Integrating Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

Jean LeLoup & Bob Ponterio 
SUNY Cortland 
© 2009

Audio Dropbox

CLEAR - Center for Language Education And Research

Free RIA - Rich Internet Application


1. HW due Nov. 31

Look at the picture. Type your name in the Audio Dropbox and then describe what you see in the picture. (max 30 sec.)

Say at least three sentences. What do you see, what are they doing, how do you think they feel?


2. HW due Dec. 25

Click on the picture to go to the TV site and see the video . Type your name in the Audio Dropbox and then answer the questions about the video. (max 45 sec.)


Les Santons

Say at least three sentence. Tell me what this report is about. What part of France is this from? Tell me one detail that you learned


To use CLEAR's free Audio Dropbox in your class, you first need to go to the CLEAR site and set up a free account.
You'll get an email notification for confirmation. You just need one free account for the teacher. Students will be able to record their voices in a dropbox that the teacher has set up.

Log in and go to the RIA (Rich Internet Applications) page on the CLEAR site. Select Audio Dropboxes (use version 2).

Click on New Drop Box to create a drop box for an assignment. Give it a name and set a time limit for the length of the recording appropriate for the assignment. The four icons allow you to edit the drop box title, view student submissions, copy the HTML code for the drop box to put it on your own homework site, or delete the box. You can also download the student submission after you play it if you need to save it for documentation or to send it back to the student with comments or corrections.

When listening to the student submissions, the teacher can see the date and time, can listen, and can delete each individual submission when finished assessing it.

When setting up the activity, you could use CLEAR's built-in Mashup RIA or you could put each Audio Dropbox on your own web page. Be sure to paste the HTML code provided for your Dropbox into the source area on your web page. Provide instructions for students, preferably something using authentic audio or video or a culturally authentic image or photograph.

CLEAR has a number of other RIAs that are worth checking out.


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