Integrating Technology in the Second Language Classroom

Jean LeLoup & Bob Ponterio 
SUNY Cortland 
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Professional e-mail

How do you want your students' parents or your boss to see you? What kind of e-mail address should you have for work? What kind of signature should you put in your mail? What register of language should you use? What format makes you look like a qualified professional to be respected rather than like a clueless beginner?


Date: Mon, 4 Oct. 2010 20:30:28 -0500

hey quick questoin... what's with johnny lately? me an you shoud talk




Date: Mon, 4 Oct. 2010 20:30:28 -0500
From: "Jennifer Smith" <>

Mrs. Jones,
As Johnny's Spanish II teacher,
I have noticed a change in his level of effort in class recently. Although I have spoken with him about this one-on-one, perhaps we can work together to identify the problem and help him be more successful in the class. Please let me know if there is a convenient time when I can call in the evening. If you prefer, you can reach me at school during my prep period from 1:27 to 2:12.

Thank you very much,
Jennifer Smith
Spanish Teacher
Johnson City High School
Johnson City, NE
(123) 456-7890 (school)

Enough said?

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