Integrating Technology in the Second Language Classroom

Jean LeLoup & Bob Ponterio 
SUNY Cortland 
© 2011


Scanning images
 General principals


HP ScanJet 5p

First check that the software is set for color pictures, then click Scan to get a preview image.


The marquee tool will let us draw a rectangle to select the area for the final scan.  The Options menu is needed to set the resolution (image size) of the output. For a color photo that you wish to display on a computer screen, the settings for reflective material, millions of colors, 72 dpi should work well, though the best resolution will depend on the size of the final image you need.

After the options have been set, clicking Accept will begin the final scan.


The ruler icon will allow us to change the resolution of the scanned image before completing the scanning process.

HP ScanJet 3500c

Here is another example. Much like the others.  File / Import to find the scanner.

The get a preview image, use the mouse and cursor to select the scanning area, then accept this area to begin the scan.

In all cases, the key is to pay careful attention where you save your scanned image (in which folder) so you do not misplace it.


Saving images:

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