Welcome to the New Visions’ discussion forum.

New Visions in Action is a national initiative designed to make things happen in foreign languages…to make the goals we all share a reality, not just an ideal.  New Visions focuses on ensuring that ALL students have an excellent foreign language experience that is provided by excellent teachers, is informed by research and theory, and is supported by high quality curriculum, instruction, and assessments. This discussion forum—with thanks to FLTEACH—provides an opportunity for all foreign language professionals to participate in the New Visions in Action initiative.

Perhaps you already know about New Visions in Action because you’ve read about it in a newsletter or journal. Perhaps you’ve attended sessions at a local, state, regional, national conference. Perhaps you’re even involved in a New Visions initiative in your state or region. If you aren’t yet aware of New Visions, we hope you will become informed and involved.

The New Visions in Action Web site not only gives more information about the initiative and its history, it also gives you specific action plans in our four major work areas:

§ Teacher Recruitment
§ Professional Development
§ Curriculum, Instruction, Articulation, and Assessment
§ Research

Please visit the New Visions Web site, www.educ.iastate.edu/newvisions, to find out what’s happening and where you might want to get involved.

Use this discussion forum to indicate your interest in participating, to reflect with others, and share your ideas for the four work areas. If nothing else, please read the messages posted here to keep up on what your colleagues are working on and thinking about.

We look forward to having you be a part of New Visions in Action.

Mimi Met and Ann Tollefson, Co-chairs, New Visions in Action

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