ESL/LEP Module
SUNY Cortland

Goals and Objectives
Goals of the module

The primary goal is to give you some familiarity with the subject area of language acquisition and education for ESL/LEP students.  Chances are you will have ESL/LEP students in your classes and chances are you will not speak their language.  If you pay attention throughout this module, do the readings and activities, and give some serious thought to the topic as well as what the interviewees tell you, then you should have a good idea of how to go about providing optimal academic opportunities for your ESL/LEP students.  The end goal and result is to enable you to structure your lessons so that your ESL/LEP students will have successful learning experiences in your content class.

Objectives of the module

Upon completion of this entire module you will:

1.  Be conversant with ESL/LEP terminology and be able to participate in educational conferences about your ESL/LEP students in a cogent manner.

2.  Understand and be able to verbalize the obstacles that many ESL/LEP students face when enrolled in content classes.

3.  Be familiar with some major issues of second language acquisition that will have a direct impact on your ESL/LEP students and employ this knowledge in your lesson planning and execution.

4.  Know how to ameliorate some of the problems ESL/LEP students face in regular classroom instruction—your classroom—and incorporate this knowledge in your daily instruction.

5.  Be able to delineate several strategies that your ESL/LEP students should engage in to optimize their learning in a content class and help the students practice these strategies regularly.

6.  Use all the information and knowledge gained from this module to inform your classroom practices on a daily basis.

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