Dr. Mecke Nagel

Curriculum Vitae
Mechthild Nagel
Professor, Philosophy and Affiliated Professor, Africana Studies
Director, Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies
POB 2000
SUNY Cortland
Cortland, NY 13045, USA
email: Mecke.Nagel@cortland.edu
Web: web.cortland.edu//nagelm
tel: 607-753-2013
fax: 607-753-4114

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Ph.D. in Philosophy, September 1996, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Dissertation: "Philosophical Perspectives on Play from Homer to Hegel"
Members: Gareth Matthews (chair), Ann Ferguson, John Brentlinger, Martin Wobst
M.A. in Philosophy, May 1991, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
B.A. equivalent in Philosophy (minors in Chinese, Latin) 1987, Albert-LudwigsUniversität
at Freiburg, Germany
Areas of Specialty: Criminal Justice Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Diversity Studies,
Critical Race Theory, Africana Ethics, Ethics of Play, Social Political Philosophy
Areas of Competence: Peace Studies, Human Rights, Existentialism, Iris M. Young,
Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Gadamer, Foucault, Legal Theory
Academic Experience
2015 Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity,
Göttingen, Germany (Spring)
2014 Visiting Scholar, Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Cornell (Fall)
2012-13 DAAD Visiting Professor at Hochschule Fulda, Germany
2008-present, Director, Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies, SUNY Cortland
2008-present, Visiting Professor, Social & Cultural Studies, Hochschule Fulda
2006-present, Full Professor (with tenure), Philosophy, SUNY Cortland
2005-6 Acting Chair, Department of Philosophy, SUNY Cortland
2003-08 Senior Visiting Fellow, Institute for African Development, Cornell
2002-06 Associate Professor (with tenure), Department of Philosophy, Cortland
2001-02 Chair, Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, SUNY Cortland
2000-01 Co-Chair, Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, SUNY Cortland
1999-present, Faculty affiliate, Africana Studies & Women’s Studies, SUNY Cortland
1999-02 Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, SUNY Cortland
1996-1999 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s Studies, Mankato
1996 Teaching Associate, Women’s Studies Program, UMass Amherst
1993-1995 Teaching Assistant, Women's Studies Program, UMass AmherstNagel–2
1993 Instructor, Department of Philosophy, Mount Holyoke College
1989-1992 Teaching Assistant, Department of Philosophy, UMass Amherst
Awards, Grants, and Honors
2014-15 Chancellor’s Diversity Task Force member, State University of New York
2014 Campus Champion, SUNY Cortland
2013 Grant review panelist, National Endowment for the Humanities, DC
2012 Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Outreach Award, SUNY Cortland
2012 Women of Color Student Association Award, SUNY Cortland
2010 Facilitator, workshop on multiculturalism, the global community and social
change for Cortland’s “Building Community Leaders” Program, Fall
2010 Program Reviewer, Gender Studies Program, Purchase College, March
2009 Co-facilitator, leadership workshop for faculty and staff, July
2009 Outstanding Achievement in Research Award, SUNY Cortland
2009 Phi Kappa Phi, Honor Society, SUNY Cortland
2009-12 Co-PI and Faculty Trainer for “Training the Trainer: Advancing Scholarship
and Pedagogy on Diversity,” for SUNY Oneonta and SUNY New Paltz (Joint Labor
Management Committee, Albany, $38,000; SUNY Office of Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion, $20,000)
2007 NEH Summer Institute on "Law, Democracy, and Human Rights", Georgia State
University, Atlanta, participant
2006 Phi Beta Delta, International Honors Society, SUNY Cortland chapter
2005-6 Award for infusing service learning into curriculum, SUNY Cortland
2005-6 Faculty Trainer, Ethics Institute, SUNY Cortland
2004-present Faculty Trainer, Diversity Summer Institute, SUNY Cortland
2004 Participant in Living Democracy, Learning Community, SUNY Cortland
2003 Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award, SUNY Cortland
2003 Excellence in Multicultural and/or Diversity Teaching Award, SUNY Cortland
2002 Principal Investigator and Grant Recipient for eJournal: Wagadu: A Journal of
Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies ($15,000, Technology Committee of Joint
Labor/Management Program, Albany, NY)
2002-3 Faculty Research Grant recipient for project “Analysis of African Penal
Approaches,” SUNY Cortland ($3,000).
2002 Assessment Incentive Grant for Multicultural and Gender Studies, Spring.
2002 Title III participant in Advising Workshop, January.
1998-9 Faculty Research grant recipient for project “Multiculturalism and Its
Discontents: On the Politics of Asylum and Immigration in Post 1989 Germany,”
Minnesota State University, Mankato ($3, 000).
1998 Invited participant, Valley Writers Workshop, Minnesota State University,
Mankato, September 2-5.
Publications - Books (Anthologies and Monograph)
7. Seth N. Asumah and Mechthild Nagel, coeditors, Diversity, Social Justice, and
Inclusive Excellence: Transdisciplinary and Global Perspectives, SUNY Press, 2014
(416 pp.)Nagel–3
6. M. Nagel and Anthony J. Nocella, coeditors, The End of Prisons: Reflections from the
Decarceration Movement, Rodopi Press, 2013 (229 pp.)
5. Ann Ferguson and M. Nagel, coeditors, Dancing with Iris: The Philosophy of Iris
Marion Young, Oxford University Press, 2009 (268 pp.)
4. M. Nagel and Seth N. Asumah, coeditors, Prisons and Punishment: Reconsidering
Global Penality, Africa World Press, 2007 (238 pp.)
3. M. Kitissou, M. Ndulo, M. Nagel, M. Grieco, co-editors, The Hydropolitics of Africa: A
Contemporary Challenge, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007 (344 pp.)
2. Masking the Abject: A Genealogy of Play, Lexington Books, 2002 (128 pp.),
1. Andrew Light and M. Nagel, coeditors, Race, Class and Community Identity,
Humanity Books, 2000 (233 pp.).
Publications -- Journals Edited
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and
Gender Studies (2004-present)
6. “Race, Resistance, and Reason,” Wagadu, vol. 13, 2015 (6 articles, forthcoming)
5. “Women and Imprisonment,” Helen Codd with M. Nagel, Wagadu, vol. 11, 2013 (5
4. “Prisons, Peace, and Social Justice,” Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice
(Routledge), Jason Mallory and M. Nagel, 2011 (13 articles).
3. Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies, online, Vol. 1,
2004. wagadu.org (inaugural edition ”Feminists Confront Empire,” intro, 6 papers, 1
2. Research in Philosophy and Technology (JAI Press), Review Editor, Vol. 21, 2002 (6
review essays, 24 book reviews).
1. Research in Philosophy and Technology (JAI Press), Review Editor, Vol. 19, 2000
(15 book reviews).
Journal Articles
20. “Angela Y Davis and Assata Shakur as Women Outlaws: Resisting U.S. State
Violence. In Wagadu, Vol.13, 2015 (forthcoming).
19. Review Essay of Queer (In)justice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the
United States by Joey L. Mogul, Andrea J. Ritchie, & Kay Whitlock, Beacon Press,
African Sexual Diversity: Politics, Theory, Citizenship by S.N. Nyeck and Marc
Epprecht (eds.), McGill-Queens University Press, 2013. In Wagadu, Vol.12, 2014.
18. Review Essay of 8 books on Imprisoned Women. In Wagadu, Vol. 11, 2013:
Resistance behind Bars: Struggles of Incarcerated Women by Victoria Law;
Global Lockdown: Race, Gender, and the Prison-Industrial Complex by Julia Sudbury;
Razor Wire Women: Prisoners, Activists, Scholars, and Artists by Jodie M. Lawston &
Ashley E. Lucas (Eds.),
Interrupted Life: Experiences of Incarcerated Women in the United States by Rickie
Solinger, Paula C. Johnson, Martha L. Raimon, Tina Reynolds, Ruby C. Tapia (Eds.);
Reading is My Window: Books and the Art of Reading in Women’s Prisons by Megan
Couldn’t Keep it to Myself: Testimonies from our Imprisoned Sisters by Wally Lamb &
the Women of York Correctional Institution;
“Whores and Thieves of the Worst Kind”: A Study of Women, Crime, and Prisons, 1835-
2000 by L. Mara Dodge;
Mad or Bad?: Race, Class, Gender, and Mental Disorder in the Criminal Justice System
by Melissa Thompson.
17. “OAJ and Wagadu: Towards a Diamond Model of Feminist, Postcolonial
Publishing.” TripleC - Communication, Capitalism & Critique: Open Access Journal for
a Global Sustainable Information Society 11 (2), 2013, pp. 598-603.
Available from: http://www.triple-c.at/index.php/tripleC/article/view/527
16. “Ubuntu and African Prison Intellectuals,” International Society for the Study of
Ideas, 2012.
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Peace, and Social Justice,” Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, July-Sept., 2011,
pp. 304-312.
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on the Taekwondo’s Spirits: Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and
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8. “Environmental Justice and Women’s Rights: A Tribute to Wangari Maathai.”
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6. Review essay of Feminism without Borders: Decolonizing Theory, Practicing
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Intersections, Forbidden Frontiers, by Joan Nagel, Wagadu 1, 2004.
5. “Toward a Critical Social Ontology.” Review Essay of Patricia Huntington, Ecstatic
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Book chapters
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Manuscripts in preparation
Toward a Ludic Ubuntu Ethic (monograph)
Stories of Ubuntu Justice (monograph)
A Primer on Diversity Leadership (with Seth N. Asumah)
1. “Media Images of (Youthful) Offenders: A Comparative Analysis of Race, Class,
Gender in Germany and the US”
2. “The Uneasy Marriage of Diversity Studies and Conflict Resolution Studies”
3. “Beyond The New Jim Crow” (under review as book chapter in Philosophical
Accounts on Slavery)
4. “Trafficking with Abolitionism: An Examination of Anti-slavery Discourses”
(under review with Champ Penale)
5. “The Case for Penal Abolition and Ludic Ubuntu in Arrow of God” (for Syracuse
University Symposium on Achebe’s Arrow of God, edited by Micere Mugo)
6. “Playing with Lady Justice: The Many Applications of a Ludic Ubuntu Ethic” (for
Ethics of Play book ms, edited by Alice Koubova and Annabelle Dufourcq)
7. “The Trauma of Prison and Re-entry” (with Melanie Maxwell)
8. “Trends in Diversity Studies” (with Lewis Rosengarten and Seth N. Asumah;
submitted to NEA Thought and Practice Journal)
Conference, Keynotes, and Workshop Presentations (Refereed, unless
otherwise indicated.)
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10. Biennial meeting of SOFPHIA, book discussant of Sacrificial Logics: Feminist
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9. Respondent for a paper by Ales Erjavec: "From Iconoclasm to Postmodernism" at
the Pacific Division Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics, Asilomar, CA,
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8. Discussant of a paper by Dion Farquar: "Reproductive Technologies." Biennial
meeting of SOFPHIA, New York, October 22, 1995 (invited).
7. "A Radical Agenda for the Next Decade," co-panelist of a plenary session (with Iris
Young, Milton Fisk, and Charles Mills), Radical Philosophy Association at Drake
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1.2. "Play in Culture and the Jargon of Primordiality: A Critique of Huizinga's Homo
Ludens." Eastern Division of the American Society for Aesthetics, Providence, March
19, 93. Also presented at the Association for the Study of Play (TASP), St. Paul, MN,
April 24, 1993.
Conferences or sessions organized and/or chaired:
Session Chair & Translator, “Critique of Current Feminisms-Intersectionality I.” The
Strength of Critique: Trajectories of Marxism-Feminism conference, Rosa
Luxemburg Stiftung, Berlin, Germany, March 21, 2015 (invited).
Conference co-chair, Praxis Africana, New York African Studies Association, SUNY
Cortland, April 4-5, 2014.
Panel organizer and presenter, “Race, Bias, and the Zimmerman Trial,” SUNY
Cortland, Nov. 6, 2013.
Session Chair, “The Horizon at the Centre”: No Peripheries,” symposium on Global
Anarchisms: No Gods, No Masters, No Peripheries, Cornell University, Sept. 21, 2012.Nagel–14
Panel chair and organizer, “Discussing Penn State and Beyond,” SUNY Cortland, Dec.
7, 2011.
Session chair, “A Biopolitics of Cool: Neoliberalism, Difference, Ethics,” Society for
Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Philadelphia, Oct. 21, 2011.
Conference chair, Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies (CGIS), Succeeding as
Women in Higher Education, SUNY Cortland, Oct. 20-22, 09.
Program member, Philosophy Dept., The Language of Violence: Critical Thinking
about War and Peace, SUNY Cortland, Nov. 18, 06.
Program member, Institute for African Development, Power, Gender, and Social
Change in Africa and the Diaspora, Cornell, Apr. 21-22, 06.
Panel organizer, “Women’s Rights, Women’s Resistances,” for Human Rights in a
Globalizing Era? Conference, University of Windsor, Aug. 5, 05.
Panel organizer, chair, Author Meets Critic, Carol Gould’s book Globalizing
Democracy. 6th international conference, Radical Philosophy Association, Howard
University, Nov. 6, 04.
Program chair, Engaging Philosophy: Justice and the Global Civic Community, SUNY
Cortland, Nov. 14-15. Organized 20 sessions, 03.
Panel organizer, session chair, “Students’ Perspectives on Feminism and Women’s
Lives,” Engaging Philosophy conference, Nov. 14, 03.
Session chair, “The Prison in the Age of Punitive Paternalism,” Gender, Race, and
Incarceration Conference, Cornell University, Apr. 19, 03.
Panel organizer, chair, “Contextualizing Local Knowledge of the International Health
System: Female Genital Circumcision (FGC) and HIV/AIDS in Africa,” African Studies
Association, Washington, DC., Dec. 8, 02.
Panel organizer, “Voices from Within: Prison Intellectuals and Liberatory Education,”
Diversity Conference, SUNY Cortland, Nov. 16, 02.
Program Chair, Thinking about Prisons: Theory and Practice, SUNY Cortland, Oct. 24-
26, 01. Organized 30 sessions, 2 plenaries.
Panel organizer, chair, "Excitable Speech, Women's Rights, and Citizenship: Critical
Global/Local Feminist Perspectives," National Women’s Studies Association, Boston,
June, 2000.
Panel organizer, chair, "The Spell of the Empire: Critical Global Trends in Feminist
Discourses," Socialist Scholars Conference, NY, April 2, 2000.
Panel organizer, "Women's Human Rights in an International Perspective,” National
Women’s Studies Association, Albuquerque, 18 June, 99.
Organizer and translator of talk by Irene Nagel, “Remembering the Dresden
Firestorm,” Co-sponsored by Women’s Studies and the Kessel Institute for Peace,
Mankato, April 14, 98.
Co-oganizer, “Workshop on Affirmative Action.” Co-sponsored by Women’s Studies
and Philosophy, Mankato, May 12, 98.
Program Committee Co-Chair of the Midwest Division of the Society for Women in
Philosophy, University of Wisconsin at Madison, March 14-16, 97. 12 presentations.
Member of the Program Planning Committee for the First International Conference
of the Radical Philosophy Association at Drake University, IA. Nov.4-8, 98. 30
Co-Organizer, first Annual Graduate Student Conference sponsored by Women's
Studies, UMass Amherst, April 10, 93. Organized 10 sessions.
Articles in Popular Magazines and Special Editions
12. “Ludic Ubuntu: An Appeal toward Transformative Justice.” The Movement, 2015.
11. “Drug Treatment for Better Community.” Guest Editorial, Cortland Standard,
10. “Moving toward Transformative Justice: The New Abolitionist Movement,” flyer
for Mathilde Gage Foundation, Fayetteville, NY, 2012.
9. “Global and Diasporic Tightrope Walking: Sex Workers between Morality and
Deviance.” Feministisches Institut Hamburg, Sept. 2012.
7.8. “Concluding Remarks” for Succeeding as Women in Higher Ed Conference,
UUP/AFT Cortland Cause, 35(3): pp. 9-10. Fall 2009.
Republished in Oneonta UUP/AFT newsletter. Spring 2010.
6. Special Edition: Salary Special (co-edited with Henry Steck, SUNY Cortland, United
University Professions); with article on gender gap in the professoriate. Fall 2006.
5. "Iris Marion Young - 1949-2006." In Against the Current, 128, 2007: 42. Also
published on http://www.solidarity-us.org/node/540.
3. 4. “A Week in Court: Chronicling Domestic Violence” in IthacaToday.com (August
2000). Republished in She said/She said, SUNY Cortland, Spring, 2001: 20-2
2. “Reclaiming Affirmative Action.” East Wind, West Wind, Mankato Quarterly
Journal, Winter Quarter, 1998: 6-7
1. Review of Blood at the Root: Motherhood, Sexuality and Male Dominance, by Ann
Ferguson. In Against the Current 31, 1991: 6
Courses taught in Philosophy at SUNY Cortland (1999-present)
Prejudice, Discrimination and Morality
Social and Political Philosophy
Race and Racism
Feminist Social Thought
Prisons and Punishment
Contemporary Moral Problems
Postmodernism and Liberation Theories
Philosophical Approaches from Hegel to Nietzsche
Philosophy of Human Nature
Introduction to Philosophy
Ethics of Death and Dying
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
Approaches to Anarchist Studies (Honors)
Prisons and Punishment: Foucault (Honors)
Approaches to Women Studies (WST 100)Nagel–16
Courses taught at Hochschule Fulda, Germany (2008-2013)
Global Feminisms (MA-level)
Gender: History and Politics
Multiculturalism in the USA
Philosophical Reflections on Nietzsche’s Zarathustra (BA and MA levels)
Introduction to Gender Studies
Gender and Globalization (BA and MA levels)
Gender and Communication (MA-level)
Gender and Leadership (MA-level)
Social Ethics
Prisons and Punishment
Methods—Scientific Writing (MA—preparing a MA thesis)
Approaches to Diversity (MA-level)
Race and Racism (MA-level)
Course taught in the men’s prison, Fulda, Germany (2012-13)
Introduction to Philosophy
Courses taught at area prisons in New York State (2000-2005)
“Behavioral Philosophy” (MacCormick Secure Center)
“Social and Political Thought” (Cayuga Correctional)
“Introduction to Philosophy” (MacCormick Secure Center)
“Introduction to Philosophy” (Five Points Correctional)
“Political Philosophy” (Elmira Prison)
“Communication Studies” (Elmira Prison, co-taught with faculty from Ithaca College)
External Reviewer, PhD dissertation committees:
Jason Mallory, “Prisoner Oppression, Democratic Crises, Abolitionist Visions:
Toward a Social and Political Philosophy of Mass Incarceration,” SPEL, Binghamton
University, 2008
Betty Wambui, “Social Contract - A Tool for Theorizing Practice.” PIC, Binghamton
University, 2006
Examiner, M.A. and B.A. Theses in Social-Cultural Studies and Social Work
Departments, Fulda University of Applied Sciences (2012-present)
(evaluation of written work as well as disputation, a graded oral examination)
Advisor, M.S. Theses in Women’s Studies, Minnesota State University, Mankato
College Service at SUNY-Cortland
2013-14 Personnel Committee, chair, Humanities subdivision
2010- Clark Subcommittee on International Students, Scholars, & Partnerships
2010-11 Middle States Review, Academic excellence committee
2010-11 Access to College Education, Operating Committee
2009-10 Arts & Sciences Dean’s Search CommitteeNagel–17
2009-10 Africana Studies Self-Study
2009- International Women’s Faculty Caucus, Convener and chair
2009 NCATE SPA report training; facilitating review of 2 SPAs
2008-13 Multicultural Council (ex officio)
2008- Affirmative Action Committee (ex officio)
2008- Committee on the Status and Equality of Women (ex officio)
2008-9 Women’s Faculty Caucus, Coordinating Committee
2008- Institute for Disability Studies (ex officio)
2008- Academic Affairs Council
2006, 2007-8 Personnel Committee, Humanities subdivision
2007-10 Study Abroad program
2006-9 Philosophy Curriculum Committee, Chair
2004- Center for Ethics, Peace and Social Justice
2004-11 Wellness Group, Chair and founder
2004-2011 Benefits Chair, UUP chapter, member of Executive Board
2003- Co-chair, TransAfrica Project
2003-4 Ethnic Studies Taskforce
2002 Teaching Philosophy Taskforce, Chair
2002 Long Range Goal (International Education), Fall
2002-03 Mali Interest Group
2002-05 Chair, Philosophy Assessment Committee
2002-04 Blake/Scott Program (mentorship for students of color)
2001-02 September 11 Committee
2001 Middle States, Committee on Equity, Access, and Diversity
2001- Clark Center for International Education
2000-02 Affirmative Action Committee (ex officio)
2000-01 Faculty Writing Group
2000-04 Advisor, P.O.W.E.R. (feminist student group)
2000 Student Affairs Committee, Spring
2000-02 International Faculty Taskforce/UUP, Chair
2000- Africana Studies
1999- Women’s Studies Committee
1999-2000 UUP Affirmative Action Chair, and member of the Executive Board of the
UUP/AFT at Cortland
1999-2006, 2008-10 Chair of Philosophy Personnel Committee
Professional Service
Manuscript Referee:
Peace Studies Journal, Journal for Critical Urban Education, Meridians, Mayfield
Publications, Rowman and Littlefield Press, Guilford Press, Journal of the Society for
Philosophy of the Contemporary World, Hypatia, National Women’s Studies
Association Journal, International Journal of Politics and Ethics, SUNY Press, McGrawHill,
Blackwell, McGill Queens University Press, Journal of Social Philosophy, Radical
Philosophy Today Series, Social Philosophy Today Series, Educational Research and Nagel–18
Reviews, American Journal of Play, tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique.
Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society, Wiley
Grants review: Law and Gender application, British Research Council, 2010
Conference paper review: Gender Studies consultant, conference on Applied
Interculturality Research (cAIR, Graz, Austria), 2009
Consultancy: Philosophy working group (on Gender, Violence, and Power),
University of Iceland, 2011
Expert witness: Family Court on matter of permanency placement, Cortland County
(November 2013)
Book Endorsements:
Gendered Epistemologies: The Gendering of African Traditions, Spaces, Social
Identities and Institutions, by Oyeronke Oyewumi (ed.), Routledge, 2010
Women and Children First: Feminism, Rhetoric, and Public Policy by Sharon M.
Meagher and Patrice DiQuinzio, SUNY Press, 2005.
Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Y. Davis, Seven Stories Press, 2007
All Things Censored by Mumia Abu-Jamal, Seven Stories Press, 1998
Guest Lectures in undergraduate and graduate classes:
SUNY Cortland, Cornell Law School, Cornell Africana Studies, Hamline University
(via skype), Minnesota State University, Mankato; Umass Amherst Women’s Studies
Editorial board service:
2014- Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts (Editorial board)
2013- SUNY/CUNY Africana Studies Consortium, founding member
2013-14 New York African Studies Association, President
2013-15 International Journal of Educational Research (Editorial Board)
2012-14 Program Committee, International Conference on Penal Abolition (to be
held in Ottawa, June 2014)
2012- International Consortium for the Study of the Sahel, founding member
2012- Journal of Research in Gender Studies (Advisory Board, Romania)
2012- Athens Institute for Education & Research, Greece (Academic Member)
2012-Occasional Paper Series, Institute for African Development, Cornell University
2011- Journal for Critical Urban Education, Hamline University (Editorial board)
2010- African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review (Editorial board)
2008- Theory in Action (Transformative Studies Institute, NJ) (Editorial board)
2008-10 Peace Studies Journal, Le Moyne College (Editorial board)
2007- book series: Critical Studies on the Left, Lexington Books (Associate Editor)
2005- book series: Social Philosophy, Rodopi (Editorial board)
2003-The Perspective on South Africa (Editorial board)
2003- Publications committee, Institute for African Development, Cornell University
2002-present Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies
(eJournal, wagadu.org), SUNY Cortland (Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief)
2002-06 Radical Philosophy Association (Co-chair)
2000-1 National Women's Studies Association (Member of the International Task
1996-2002 Radical Philosophy Association (Executive Advisory Board)Nagel–19
1996-2003 Radical Philosophy Association's Series of National Conference
proceedings (Editorial board).
Professional Membership:
New York Africana Studies Association
National Black Political Science Association
Radical Philosophy Association
Public Philosophy Network
Central New York Peace Consortium
Community Service, Central New York:
Gage Center, Fayetteville, NY (consultant on transformative justice exhibits)
AAUW, Cortland Chapter
YWCA 2009-11, Board of Directors, Cortland (member, advocacy committee)
NYCLU 2011-14, Syracuse Chapter of the ACLU (Board of Directors)
Concerned Citizens for Sustainable Energy (founding member, 2011)
CNY confab, Prison Education and Reform
Cortland Transport Advisory Council (2013-2014)
Stop the jail expansion project, Tompkins County (since 2013)
United Voices of Cortland (co-founder, since 2013)
Jail Services Committee, Cortland County (since 2013)
Election Inspector, City of Cortland (2014)
Selected Radio Interviews
Ithaca Community Radio WRFI, 12/26/14
Human Rights and Social Justice Program: Alternatives to Incarceration and
ludic Ubuntu
Ithaca Community Radio WRFI, 10/3/14
Human Rights and Social Justice Program: Views on Prisons and human
rights in prisons
Ithaca Community Radio WRFI, 11/15/13
Human Rights and Social Justice Program: Views on Jail Expansion in Ithaca
Ithaca, WEOS, 4/03/08
Author, Activist, Professor of Philosophy, SUNY Cortland
Passionate and committed, this fascinating conversation focuses on Nagel's book (co-edited
by Seth Asumah) Prisons and Punishment: Reconsidering Global Penality
Ithaca, WEOS, 7/21/05
Professor of Philosophy, SUNY Cortland, and an Activist from Kenya
Nagel and Otieno share compelling stories from Kenya about the Women's Rights Movement
and Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai's Green Belt Movement.
Community/College Service in Fulda
Instructor, Introduction to Philosophy, Fulda prison for men with 12 BA students
(Fall 2012)
Supervisor of Instructors of Sociology Course, Fulda prison (2012-2014)
Instructor (Philosophy with Children, for 5-10 year old children); Fall 2012;
Summer 2013)

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