Elementary French fill-in the blank activities

by Bob & Marie Ponterio, SUNY Cortland

01-1 present tense -er verbs
01-2 present tense -er verbs
01-3 definite article
02-1 verbs and adjectives
02-2 contracted articles
02-3 adjective agreement
03-1 -ir verbs, avoir, questions
04-1 possessive adjectives, aller
05-1 articles - definite, indefinite, partitive
05-2 imperative (commands)
06-1 devoir, pouvoir, vouloir, prendre
06-2 demonstrative adjective CE, interrogative adjective QUEL
07-1 past participles - avoir
07-2 passé composé - avoir
08-1 passé composé - or past participle? être & avoir
08-2 passé composé - verbs: avoir or être?
09-1 direct & indirect objects (simple)
09-2 direct & indirect objects
10-1 imperfect & passé composé


Using the supplied clues, complete the sentences by filling in the blanks. Be sure your answer fits the context and agrees grammatically. All words are not used.
Click on the button to check each answer.
If you don't have accents on your keyboard, use the accent buttons popup on each page.

* If you can't find an answer after at least 2 tries, leave the answer box blank and click on the button to see the answer.

French teachers: Please feel free to use these activities with your students. Please let us know if you find any problems or notice any common student mistakes that do not produce useful feedback.

Modern Languages Department, SUNY Cortland