Course Outline - Syllabus.

I. MAT 201: Introduction to Statistics I.
II. Instructor: Jorge Luis Romeu
                Office Room: 125 Moffet Center
                Phone 753-2968; Email Address: ROMEU
                WEB PAGE:
                Meetings: MWF 11:00-10:50 am (Sect. 1)
                          MWF 12:00-11:50 pm (Sect. 2)
                Office Hours: an hour every weekday (see Web Page)
                College Policy on attendance, exams, dishonesty,
                etc. is in effect. Don't Cut Classes or Cheat!
III. Course Description/Overview:
     MAT201 is a first, introductory statistics course. Its only
     prerequisites are: maturity and HS math. MAT201 covers three 
     areas: descriptive statistics, probability and statistical
     inference. The use of the VAX computer, email and the MINITAB 
     software is required. We will teach two classes on its use.
     Also, we use cooperative learning techniques. MAT201 covers
     methods of tabular and graphical data description/presentation, 
     elementary probability, random variables, sampling distributions
     and elements of estimation and hypothesis testing. However,
     topics may be omitted or abriedged, according to time.
IV.  Course Objectives:
     Statistics is everpresent in modern life: in professional
     work, in the media, as an auxiliary science, etc. Students
     are expected, at the end of MAT201, to be able to state
     and understand a statistical problem, to communicate in a
     statistical language with a professional statstician and
     to use correctly the simple statistical procedures studied in
     this course. In addition, the students should be able to work
     with the Minitab statistical software. Those students who plan
     to attend graduate school or become interested in the topic
     are encouraged to take a second Statistics course.
V.   Text:  Statistics: Concepts and Applications; by D. R. An-
            derson; D.J. Sweeney and T. A. Williams (WEST).
VI.  Examinations:  There will be two intra-semester exams,
     each for 25% of your final grade. They will take place
     around the sixth and the twelfth weeks of the semester and
     during Monday evenings (*). A comprehensive final exam will
     account for 25%. Homeworks won't be collected/graded. But
     weekly quizes, based on them, will be given. These, plus
     class participation, will account for the remaining 25% of 
     your final grade. The best student in each section will
     receive a book as recognition of his/her good work. Twice
     in a national sample of over 70 Colleges and 2700 students,
     MAT201 test average was over the national test average.
(*)  If we can agree on such a procedure; see next page.
                                                                Page 2


             In previous  MAT201  semesters,  we  have  tried  out  two  intra
        semestral  test  procedures.   One is in-class, 50 minutes tests.  The
        other is hour-and-a-half, evening exams.  A statistically  significant
        difference  in  grade  results,  in  favor  of  the second option, was

             Evidently, the evening exams work much better for  the  students.
        They  are  relaxed, students do not have the pressures of having to go
        to the next class and have more time to do the test.  In addition, the
        following  Friday  class  is, hence, cancelled to make up for the test
        time taken.

             Also, homeworks will not be collected/graded.  Instead,  students
        will  be expected to come periodically to office hours to discuss them
        and to do them in Organized  Groups.   To  encourage  this,  exercises
        selected  from  class/homework material will be given as quizes during
        the course (usually on Fridays).  Homework is done in these groups and
        may  be  presented  to  the  whole class.  No credit is given by group
        work/presentation.  However, participation in group work  is  REQUIRED
        in this course.

             Finally, if we can ALL agree in dedicating  TWO  Monday  evenings
        during this semester, for our two intra-semestral exams, I will gladly
        give you this extra time.  The day of the  exams,  our  regular  class
        time  will be dedicated to a review session.  We will, in addition and
        that evening, meet in Sperry, at 7:00 pm to do the  test.   These  two
        evenings  will count as two course meetings and we will take them off,
        accordingly.  If we cannot reach such agreement unanimously,  we  will
        then  do  our  two  tests  in  our  regular  50  minutes  class, as is

             In both cases, students will be able to bring to all course exams
        a  card  with  the  main formulas and a xerox of the necessary tables.
        Exams will consist of word problems.  Then, you will  answer  multiple
        choice questions about them.

           - - - - - - - - - - - - - cut here - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

             I have read the above  contract  about  the  course  grading  and
        examination  procedures  and  AGREE/DISAGREE  (CIRCLE THE CORRECT ONE)
        with them and with having two evening intra semestral tests.