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Section 4. Typed analytic essay - (350-500 words). Pick one piece of writing from your Sections 1, 2 or 3 and revise it. Please include the original version. Your essay must address scientific issues and must present an argument or conceptual analysis, not just a description or summary of ideas. (from the Log directions)

Suggestions for what to do in analytic writing:

  • Accurately and fairly represent an author's point of view.
  • Go into lots of details about ideas.
  • Accurately use technical concepts from the course.
  • Define and analyze major concepts.
  • Explain the arguments people have for their beliefs.
  • Evaluate arguments from your own point of view.
  • Give examples and show how they illustrate a major concept, theory, or argument.
  • Discuss key scientific accomplishments and why they are important.
  • Discuss important political or moral controversies that arise from scientific or technological developments.
  • Explain logical reasons for why someone is taking a particular position.
  • Talk about the theory an author is using and arguing for. (Read between the lines of the text you're discussing and explain how the author's overall perspective is influencing their position.)

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