Scroll down to see the ads and for the link to go back. You should use the five categories from your Meyer's article that are listed in The anxious consumer section first. Then, if you wish, use the eight categories from SRI.

Answer these questions:

  1. Study the images and the text of the ads below. Decide what psychogenic group the ad may be appealing to and state the reasons for your choice.
  2. Bring in to class at least 3 ads that you will categorize.
  3. How do these ads create a mood in their target audience through a choice of colors, lighting, etc. or content?
  4. What do the backgrounds suggest? What sorts of economic or social attitudes are conveyed by the settings? What sorts of lifestyles are suggested?
  5. Do any of the ads use stereotypes?

Grand Marnier, Out, 8-99
Lever 200, Madamoiselle, 6-99
Players Instinct, Rap Pages, 6-99
,,Mother Jones, 7-99
Camel, Vogue, 6-99

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