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  1. Compare and contrast the opportunities available to these children.
  2. The picture on the left shows an Iraqi boy walking through a street covered with sewage. It is from a site put up by people opposed to the sanctions the US government has against Iraq. At least 6,000 children die each month because of the poor conditions caused by the bombing of Iraq and the sanctions. Visit their web site to learn more about the group's campaign.
  3. The picture on the right is from IBM's site where it posts information about its corporate philanthropic campaigns. I discovered it in an ad. The copy said: "Computers can make a world of difference in our nation's education system. They just can't do it on their own."(New Yorker, 10-98, page 5) Visit their web site to learn more about their campaign.

    Notice that the sentence "They just can't do it on their own" is ambiguous. Who/ what does 'they' refer to. Who/ what can help? How would that ambiguity increase the effectiveness of the ad?

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