VAH-9 Roster for April December 15, 1955 to May 15, 1956 deployment

Since I was long gone from the Hoot Owls by the time of their second deployment to Pt. Lyautey, the material in this file was obtained from others. Ben King, O. W. McGuire, and John Bailey, all of whom I saw at Vigi 2003 in Sanford, have been most helpful. Ben sent me a lengthy email message on June 1, 2003. That email provided much of the information that follows.


Bill Lemos, Commanding Officer
Bill "Fud" Hazlett, Executive Officer
William Barron
Craig "Bud" Bramley
Joe Dyar
William Emerson, Operations Officer
Leon Foley
"Rocky" Glidewell, Maintenance Officer
Paul Grunder
Bob Heid, LSO?
Auburn W. "Stub" Herron
Alvin Hillner
Harold Jacobs
Ben King, Assistant Air Intelligence Officer and utility pilot for P2V, SNB, and AD
James Leeson
Pete Lowrey
Dave "Polecat" Ludwig, LSO?
Orville Wendell "Mac" McGuire
Coleman Everett "C.E." Meyers [O.W. McGuire says that C. E. Meyers was not on this deployment.] [Kenenth Wooster thinks that he was probably released to inactive duty around 1 March 1956.]
Billy Ray Morrow
Frank Murphy
Richard Murray
Randolph Lee "Dusty" Rhodes
Clovis Tanner
Bill Thomas, Air Intelligence Officer
Dave Todd
William Wigton

Flight Crews

Note: Beyond the first two crews the order is unknown, and they are listed at random here.

1. Bill Lemos/John Bailey/Unknown
2. "Fud" Hazlett/O. W. McGuire/Unknown
3. Bob Heid/Paul Grunder/Clark (Bud) Warren
4. William Barron/Ben King/Billy Joe Hughes
5. Frank Murphy/Leon Foley/Hanlon
6. Richard Murray/Dave Todd/Eugene (?) Seaman
7. A. (?) "Stub" Herron/Clovis Tanner/Unknown
8. Billy Ray Morrow/Dusty Rhodes ?/Unknown
9. William Emerson/Craig Bramley/Harry Scholz?
10. Alvin Hillner/James Leeson/Unknown
11. Joe Dyar?/C.E. Meyers?/????? [According to O. W. McGuire, C.E. was NOT on this deployment. O. W. says that the returning BNs were "Mac" McGuire, "Dusty" Rhodes, "Bud" Bramley, and Ernie Carson.]



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The logo was designed by John A. Swanson, AD3, sometime in 1953. See the file for the 1954 deployment.
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